PREMIUM Magnetic Acupuncture Insoles
PREMIUM Magnetic Acupuncture Insoles
PREMIUM Magnetic Acupuncture Insoles
PREMIUM Magnetic Acupuncture Insoles
PREMIUM Magnetic Acupuncture Insoles
TheraPunktur Insoles Flexible Size
PREMIUM Magnetic Acupuncture Insoles
TheraPunktur Flexible Material Insoles

PREMIUM Magnetic Acupuncture Insoles

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1 Pair  €29,90 / Pair 0%
2 Pairs €19,90 / Pair 34%
4 Pairs €15,90 / Pair 47%
Ideal for the family, as an annual supply or for your various shoes (sports shoes, high heels, sandals, etc.)

  • Original TheraPunktur™ insoles
  • High quality and durability (NO fake magnets as with many other manufacturers)
  • Reduces whole body pain, back pain, joint pain naturally
  • Improves blood circulation of the whole body naturally
  • Promotes Fat loss and thus helps with weight loss naturally
  • Stimulates Liver function and supports detoxification naturally
  • Increases Body energy in a natural way
  • Improves posture
  • Massages trigger points and releases blockages
  • No drugs, no stimulants, no chemicals, no needles
  • Simple and flexible application
  • Each pack contains 2 insoles (1 pair)

What are magnetic acupuncture insoles?

Therapy with magnetic acupuncture insoles is used in holistic therapy for humans, which has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Here, therapeutic effects of magnets and healing effects of acupuncture are combined to achieve a natural recovery of the body.

Magnetic acupuncture on feet is intended to normalize the disturbed flow of energy in the organism: Acupuncture points on the meridians are stimulated by positively charged magnets, and the energy flow that is out balance is carefully regulated and normalized.

Each of these points is related to a certain organ or organ circle and has a precisely defined healing effect. For the magnets, therefore, only positively charged magnets designed for this purpose are used at the correct trigger points.

The diseased organ is thus indirectly influenced via external points on the feet, the acupuncture points, and not treated directly as in traditional medicine. Acupuncture balances the energy of organs and stimulates them to heal themselves. Many functional diseases - these are diseases in which there is no permanent organ damage - can be treated successfully in this way. The harmful side effects that often accompany drug therapies do not occur when acupuncture is used correctly.

How do magnetic acupuncture insoles work?

If a certain zone on the foot is stimulated, this can reach the corresponding organ via certain energy flows and enable a better blood circulation and activate self-healing powers.

A good blood circulation is vital for every organ, because blood is means of transport for oxygen, all building materials, hormones, antibodies and removes waste products from the body.

Areas that represent diseased or disturbed organs are more sensitive to pain or their structure is changed, e.g. hardened, according to reflex therapy.

Therapy with acupuncture insoles is dedicated to these regions, stimulating various acupuncture points with charged magnets and specially designed knobs on the foot and aiming to improve organ and body function.

In addition, mechanisms for pain control are activated: the stimuli at certain points inhibit pain sensitivity in certain areas of the brain.

The positively charged magnets on the foot relax and relieve pain through the formation of the body's own natural pain-relieving substances, the endorphins, and nerve-transmitting substances, the neurotransmitters. Endorphins and neurotransmitters have a pain-relieving and psychologically relaxing effect.

In addition, acupuncture causes natural recovery and natural increased blood flow. These promote natural regeneration in tissue, e.g. in joints, which explains the effectiveness of this therapy, especially in knee osteoarthritis.


  1. Remove current soles of your shoes.
  2. Place the new magnetic acupuncture insoles back to back with your current soles.
  3. If your original soles are shorter than the new insoles, you can cut the new soles to the size of your current insoles.
  4. Put the new insoles into your shoes.
  5. Enjoy the daily massage and look forward to improving your health!

TheraPunktur Flexible Size

Duration of usage

TheraPunktur™ acupuncture insoles can basically be used continuously. They support your health and fitness.

The magnets in the acupuncture insole have a positive charge that is activated when worn and has a therapeutic effect on the body.

This healing charge of the magnets retains its full strength for up to 8 weeks. After that, it is strongly recommended to replace the magnets or the insoles with new ones so that the maximum therapeutic effect can be guaranteed.


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