Magnetic · Acupuncture

Experience the benefits of acupuncture without needle,
or expensive visits to the doctor, just comfortably while walking.
Experience the benefits of acupuncture without needle, and expensive visits to the doctor, just comfortably while walking.
"You want relief from pain, improved blood circulation, fast and sustainable weight loss or just better sleep and more energy - and preferably without medication?

TheraPunktur™ magnetic insoles make this possible naturally by stimulating acupuncture points and activating the body's own healing powers!"

Therapy with magnetic acupuncture insoles is used in holistic therapy for humans, which has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Here, therapeutic effects of magnets and healing effects of acupuncture are combined to achieve a natural recovery of the body.

Magnetic acupuncture on feet is intended to normalize the disturbed flow of energy in the organism: Acupuncture points on the meridians are stimulated by positively charged magnets, and the energy flow that is out balance is carefully regulated and normalized.

Each of these points is related to a certain organ or organ circle and has a precisely defined healing effect. For the magnets, therefore, only positively charged magnets designed for this purpose are used at the correct trigger points.

The diseased organ is thus indirectly influenced via external points on the feet, the acupuncture points, and not treated directly as in traditional medicine. Acupuncture balances the energy of organs and stimulates them to heal themselves.

Many functional diseases - these are diseases in which there is no permanent organ damage - can be treated successfully in this way. The harmful side effects that often accompany drug therapies do not occur when acupuncture is used correctly.
If a certain zone on the foot is stimulated, this can reach the corresponding organ via certain energy flows and enable a better blood circulation and activate self-healing powers.

A good blood circulation is vital for every organ, because blood is means of transport for oxygen, all building materials, hormones, antibodies and removes waste products from the body.

Areas that represent diseased or disturbed organs are more sensitive to pain or their structure is changed, e.g. hardened, according to reflex therapy.

Therapy with acupuncture insoles is dedicated to these regions, stimulating various acupuncture points with charged magnets and specially designed knobs on the foot and aiming to improve organ and body function.

In addition, mechanisms for pain control are activated: the stimuli at certain points inhibit pain sensitivity in certain areas of the brain.

The positively charged magnets on the foot relax and relieve pain through the formation of the body's own natural pain-relieving substances, the endorphins, and nerve-transmitting substances, the neurotransmitters. Endorphins and neurotransmitters have a pain-relieving and psychologically relaxing effect.

In addition, acupuncture causes natural recovery and natural increased blood flow. These promote natural regeneration in tissue, e.g. in joints, which explains the effectiveness of this therapy, especially in knee osteoarthritis.

  • Magnetic Acupuncture Insoles

  • Decreases whole body pain, back pain, joint pain naturally, increases blood circulation, promotes fat loss & improves posture naturally

Magnetic Acupuncture Insoles

Decreases whole body pain, back pain, joint pain naturally, increases blood circulation, promotes fat loss & improves posture naturally SHOP


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"It's like a miracle, it really works!"

"In January I had an incident of a herniated disc on my lower back, because of which I also had pain in one leg. The pain was worse than ever. In the past few months, I have been injected with cortisone and have been doing physiotherapy. This helped a little bit, but I still couldn't walk properly. As soon as I started using TheraPunktur magnetic insoles, the pain went away almost immediately, and I was able to walk again without limping. I don't want to exaggerate, but the effect is almost a miracle! "

- Anneliese Zimmermann

"The pain immediately disappeared."

"The magnetic acupuncture insoles work really well. For a few months now, I've had weird pains all the time, radiating from my knee to my hip. Long walking or even sitting was always associated with pain. I came across TheraPunktur insoles by chance on the Internet and I really wanted to give the product a try. Incredible but true, after less than a week I felt a drastic relief! Hardly any more pain and I really notice how my calf and gluteal muscles are now more relaxed. These insoles actually loosen stubborn blockages."

- Amir Halilovic

"I sleep much better and even lost weight!"

"I have had the magnetic acupuncture insoles in my shoes for a few months. I bought 3 packs straight away. I use 1 pair in my work shoes, 1 pair in my normal street shoes and the last pair in my slippers at home. I tell you, these insoles are worth every penny! I have, so to speak, a "free massage" under my feet every day. I walk a lot more upright and have always felt very energetic ever since. The result after 2 months: perfect sleep, 3kg lost, and much fitter than before! I would recommend the insoles to everyone."

- Sabine Göring